Friday, 3 October 2008

'The Graysons'. Are you serious?

This week I found some news that to be frankly honest, have left me dissapointed of the idiocy that permeates WB, DC Comics and CW. Newsrama, CBR and Kryptonsite have reported that WB and CW ordered to the new producers of 'Smallville' to make a pilot of an idea that I find simply bad. They want a pilot of 'The Graysons', or in other words, a show about Dick 'DJ' Grayson before he became Robin.

So that is why I ask if they are serious, because that is one of the dumbest ideas I've heard in this year and trust me, I heard a lot. Readers of the Quiver know that while I rant about something, I usually give the benefit of the doubt. In this case I won't and this is why.

A show about Robin before being Robin is just another excuse about crappy teenage drama. You can take the premise of a kid born into a family of circus acrobats solving crimes and you can do it without having to reference the DCU.

Seriously, think about it for a second, how much you can strecth the story until Dick has to meet Batman and lose his parents? For that matter, how they expect to make the show when WB has been so adamant to don't allow any Batman presence in SV or other shows (like 'Birds of Pray', where he was seminal) due the movies? It won't work.

Don't get me wrong, Dick Grayson is one of my favorite characters, but his story become interesting once he started training under Batman's tutelage. Not before. You can get away with a show about Superman before he became Superman because a) Clark had superpowers since childhood, so that is your source of teenage angst, b) there is plenty of stories about Superboy where you can draw upon. Heck, the whole Legion of Superheroes is inspired in those stories. But Robin? Aside his amazing acrobatic skills, he is just a kid before being the Boy Wonder.

Even so, if they are so adamant to create a show about Dick, linked to the SV universe, it would way better to make it about the period of time where he left Bats and created the Nightwing persona, his struggles to be his own man. Or if it has to be about Robin, either make the show about Tim Drake (who had a very interesting background before being Robin) or make about Dick being trained under Batman. But please there is no future ina show where you know the parents have to die as soon as possible, so h¿their son can become Robin. A young adult Robin, as Schumaher already show, is not a good idea. Nightwing yes, Robin not.

While all the forums are in agreement, there are still pseudo writers that are trying to rpove via fanfics that is a viable story. Well I applaud their efforts. But you don't need a degree in fanfic writting to be able to know when an idea is bad. Well, I'm talking about fanfic writers, so I know some of them are so entangled in their egos than they couldn't see a bad idea even if it hits them in the face witha 1 ton wrecking ball.

What irks me more, is that SV has a lot of potential spin-offs already, tons of potential stories just waiting for the producers that actually created them to wake up and hear not only the fans that watch the show, but their common sense.

It is no secret I wish for a Green Arrow show, as it has several things in favor: a lead actor with tons of charisma and the ability to play the role he was born to do. They already established the origins of the character, who has become a fan favorite. Heck they even have the supporting cast already signed. What else do you want? I mean, is really obvious, you already have your backdoor pilots (in fact yesterday in SV they presented Ollie's story, basically his Year One down to the same costumes).

And even if the GA spin-off doesn't goes, you still can make one about Supergirl or Impulse orMartian Manhunter or the JL. There are plenty of options to make a decent show for a network that is dying. After SV ends, only Supernatural and Reaper will carry the network ratings, despite what Dawn Ostroff wants to believe. Not even One Tree Hill has that much fandom.
I know that said that the internet minority is vocal but seldom right. Well guess what? In this case it is right, no one, except a few deluded, think that 'The Graysons' idea is good, is not even average. Maybe if we explain it as 'Nightwing =good, Circus detective + teenage crap=bad' they will get it. But I doubt it. Seriously I wonder how much they can rewritte Dick (who by the way will be named DJ to be Political Correct) story at the circus, before it gets ridiculous.

I think this is the first time I will say this: I hope this idea dies before it gets of the ground. My only hope is that this is a red herring. But knowing CW, they will ruin one of the few franchises they still have. That is what happens when you put a bimbo in charge of a network and she thinks that Gossip Girl is the best show of humankind. Talk about zombie infestation. Someone give her a brain please.


Ai said...

Well if Aquaman, as good as it ws, fell thru this one will surely sink like lead, hopefully.

I think the GA spinoff is not part of their strategy at the moment since it's him and the league carrying SV now.

Once SV is done, a GA or JL show would be the obvious move, since you'd just herd the fanbase on. Even Clark could become a on an off character in such a series.

Blue Sunflower said...

Seems to me your argument is the same one lobbied against Smallville before *it* began, and yet - it's still on, years later. Plus, Batman and anything Batman is a HOT commodity right now, what with the movies.

WingedLion said...

Sunflower, I think that is you the one that missed the argument. It is not the same to make a show about Superman before Superman as you can extend it as needed (60 years of comics are proof) to make a show a bout Robin before being Robin, where there main character starts as character when he meets Batman, not before.

So while the argument might look similar, it isn't.

Batman being a hot comodity is not excuse for bad ideas, pure and simple.

Finally, read carefully what I said, I see potential for a Dick Grayson show, but not before being Robin.

Ai said...

Well we don't know what will be the show's take on the character. But yeah I can't dispute Batman's the moneymaker for the Ds and Cs :p

Naz said...

I think the only other character of the DCU in which a concept similar to SV could work (pre-superheroe times, no costume, teenage drama) is Batman himself. As you said a pre-robin Dick is not such a good idea (I wouldn´t call it bad idea, because in art there is not such a thing), specially if he is called with a lame name such as DJ.
They should forget about doing a SV clone and move to other things. If they want to use Dick, avoid appearances of Batman and throw in there some Teenage Drama they should do a Titans show. They could even take of the costumes, its not that hard to imagine the Titans without tights. Of course that would never happen because, WB, as any other network is all about the money, they are cheap and wouldn´t do and expensive show as Titans when they can do the obviously not very expensive "Graysons" (which by the way I don´t thing would move forward of the pilot, as with the majority of new proyects on tv).

Sergio Ulloa Romano said...

Well said; I hardly ever read comic books, but "The Graysons" still sounds like a shitty idea for a TV show.