Thursday, 7 June 2012

Arrow: The extended trailer of thoughts.

As the Holy Grail for any Arrowhead worth his value in... well... arrowheads, is coming closer, here are some of my random thoughts about the show that promises to bring more arrowness to our tv screens very soon (and will force me not only to revive this blog but to insert the word arrow as much as possible in any review).


So here are my thoughts, some are positive, others not so much.

  • It is awesome to finally see Green Arrow getting some solo time in the screen.
  • The show seems full of action and gives me a vibe like of a Bourne movie. That's good.
  • It looks heavily inspired in Year One. I for one welcome that. I wonder if the whole drugdealers storyline will be present.
  • Stephen Arnell rocks the look of Ollie. 
  • Love the bow, and is a recurve!!!
  • This is not a kid's show. Olllie killing a dude somewhat at cold blood? I guess is very Longbow Hunters (I can live with that).
  • 20% scar tissue? How the hell can he move?
  • Seems that he got a training from hell in that island. I wonder if was Natas or someone else (hold that thought...)
  • I bet the island holds way too many secrets.
  • Not fond of the whole Ollie cheating Dinah/Laurel with her sister. I know is a redemption thing but I hate the overuse of the 'cheater' label.
  • The mom knows too much.
  • I miss the use of 'Green' in the 'Green Arrow' moniker. What's wrong with saying the full name? Too cheesy for the refined audience of CW that caters stuff like 'The Boring Secret Circle'? The again I shouldn't be surprised after 'The Blur'.
  • The actor of Harry Dresden (his name escapes me) as police detective. I like that.
  • And finally... holy shit!!! Is that a Deathstroke's Mask? If he is the main Big Bad...
All in all, while the trailer shows but a glimpse of the whole story and thus would be unfair to judge the show on that basis I have to say that I like what I saw, even if there are details I'm not keen with. But hey, let's give the show a chance. It is what I have been asking for since Ollie appeared in Smallville almost 6 years ago. Wooohooo!!!

Wednesday, 2 May 2012

A reflection after watching The Avengers

I'm getting old, because I know I'm not the target anymore for either DC or Marvel. The more I read about the DCnU the more I'm glad I dropped all of my DC books sans Red Hood. Frankly the DCnU sucks. Marvel comics ain't better. However the Cinematic Marvel Universe shows that there is still hope for us, old cranky guys that grew up with more heroic, fun superheroes that are not afraid to have fun (because fun is NOT cheesy, you stupid grim dark. 'mature people'). I miss the time when superhero comics were about inspiring people with great deeds and shine a bright light of hope. Now DC an Marvel just churn out depressive, darkier and edgier stuff where anything nice must be destroyed, mixed with strawman politics and humorless characters just to attract a generation of cynics. 

Maybe that is why I love the Avengers film, because it captures the spirit of old and updated it without making feel dark or grim or ugly. As Greg Rucka perfectly put it in an interview: Pet peeve time: for the contingent out there who sneer at heroes like Superman and Wonder Woman and Captain America, those icons who still, at their core, represent selfless sacrifice for the greater good, and who justify their contempt by saying, oh, it’s so unrealistic, no one would ever be so noble… grow up. Seriously. Cynicism is not maturity, do not mistake the one for the other. If you truly cannot accept a story where someone does the right thing because it’s the right thing to do, that says far more about who you are than these characters

This is the reason of why I can like good ol' Cap without cringing at the possible but never used jingoistic implications of the name. Because he is about a higher calling about helping others. As Cap said in his film: I don't want to kill anyone, I just don't like bullies. Current DCnU an MU are full of bullies, from the characters to the people behind the editorial decisions. Good thing the Avengers film stayed the hell away from that tendency. 

I'm starting to believe that Avengers is producing the same feeling in the audience that Star Wars created in 1977. One full of hope. I think that, quoting Agent Coulson 'with all is going in the world, we could use some old fashion'. Basically all this grim-dark cynicism is wearing off people and we need the kind of stories that reminds us that we can be better than we are with spirit and teamwork. Uplifting stories if you wish that allow us to dream again. 

Comics don't offer that anymore, so the film is our last chance to enjoy a strong plot with great characterization and basically what makes heroes heroes: their heart. The Avengers true merit in my humble opinion is to have been able to put together a story that allowed to shine an ensemble cast of characters/actors that by themselves can hold their own in individual films and still make them feel equals in a team full of awesome.

 I'm afraid to say that I seriously doubt DC/Warner will be able to do this with the JL beyond animated features. I think I just saw the best superhero movie so far. That's how you make an ensemble superhero movie. And if that stinger at the end is truth, Avengers 2 will be unbelievable (and Earth is so fucked up). So ladies and gentleman, suit up!!! 

Basically I'm glad to be able to witness a story that actually makes me feel proud of liking superheroes. Thanks to all the involved in it. Just to close I will say: You might be a god, but against the might of the Incredible Hulk, you are nothing more than a puny god.

Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Green Lantern: the animated series.

Since for some stupid reason the GL will be released in Mexico in two months (while the pirtae dvd is already in the streets, well done arner, your plan worked perfectly *sarcasm*) this is the closest thing I will see in a while of the franchise. Bruce Timm is a sure thing in terms of animation. But the designs... can't shake the Clone wars vibe from this.

Monday, 13 June 2011

Love and Comics in time of Reboots: The DCNu

I know that by now complaining or exalting the DCNu or DC's new policies is not new, but I wanted to wait until more infromation had been released to comment on it. I have to say that at first I was feeling a mix of feelings: excitement, betrayal, sadness and more betrayal. The facts that several characters, favorite of mine will get ditched into the curb so far and all the time and money invested in my comic collection made me a sad boy. Now I just feel indifferent to the whole shebang and more interested in bringing out the popcorn at watch this ship either float or sink. Before sharing my thoughts in the topic, here is the full list of comics announced so far: 52 titles of the DCNu.

And now here are a few thoughts on the topic, feel free to disagree, but do it politely or ELSE *aims arrow*

1. The big news is not only the reboot: it is actually the digital offer. I know digital is the future and while my sustainable self says that digital saves thousands of trees, I prefer to have a comic in my hands. The experience is different; in my iPod it feels sterile, while the paper comic allows me a better emotional connection. Also as an ex-employee of the best comicbook shop in UK I can see why retailers might be wary as they might lose potential costumers, specially among the more technological inclined or newer generations. I can see why DC decided to keep the same price in paper than digital, but that price in digital won't work and lowing it will hurt LCS. Basically this is a no win situation where someone will get screwed sooner or later.

2. I'm not the target market: but from the list it is clear that not even DC knows who is their market and how to attract new readers (hint: put books in newstands, supermarkest and toy shops, like they do with manga in Japan). While I grew up with a lot of 90's heroes who are my favorites I acknowledge the 90's in general were awful for comics. And now they are back with vengeance.

3. Diversity is good: a positive of this reboot is that DC is casting its net as wide as possible with several 'sublines', from the ever present Batbooks to military ones for the Halo and CoD fans. This means that DC is betting for segmented markest to maximize its profit. It think is a clever strategy, as long as they keep the events of the equation. This model will work better if there is little crossovers.

4. Diversity is good for my wallet: By my reckoning I will be buying only 8% of the total of DC's comics. I know that I'm not the market so they won't care but I bet a lot of people will do the same. Aisaku says he will focus only in Batman; a couple of friends from UK will stay only in the GL line. In my case it will be the ever present GA, plus Nightwing, Red Hood & The Outlaws (I like the concept) and Batman Beyond, though this book is not included in the reboot. 3 out of 52, I'm bad business for DC I guess.

5. I won't read Superman again: I think I'm done with Supes. I know, Morrison and Morales in the book sounds like a match made in heaven, but they will take out one of the aspcted I liked more about Supes: the marriage. I think a married Superman makes for a more interesting characters and subjectin him to a remake of OMD is undignifying. Also I find annoying the whole secret identity chase that makes Lois looking like a moron. If they tell me they will remain a couple waiting to be married I can live with that (like in Smallville) but going back to the chase and to pair him with Wondy is anathema for my personnal taste. However I wish DC luck in updating the original superhero. He needs it. My position is open to change if the developments show otherwise.

6. The reboot is good for certain charaters...: like GA and Wondy, who have been recently mistreated not necessarily by authors but by their muddied continuity. A fresh start is what they need. If only they had announced a Shazam title to correct their awful mistakes...

7.... and bad for others: Characters like the classic Titans, Wally West (the best Flash as JLU showed), Steph and Cass and vene PG and the JSA were left out of this. Granted DC can announce another 52 books for October but that is unlikely. This saddens me because caharcters like Steph, whose fans fought to rbing her back finally got a shot at a big book and despite unversal acclaim her and her writter Bryan Q. Miller got the boot. That is poor form DC. And despite my dislike for Simone, Secret Six was awesome and is a shame all that character development will be wasted now. Catman is a great antihero and will be sorely missed.

8. If ain't broken, don't fix it: this applies mainly to Batgirl (I will get hate here but I hope it flunks). Babs will be alwasy the classic Batchick, but with Batwoman in the picture, it's getting crowded. Also Oracle was a great character that only needed a bit of modifications to updated it to the 21st. century. Applies the same to Booster Gold and JLI.

10. It is a sad indictment of comics' current status when: despite this DC's editorial policy, it is light years better than Marvel's. There I said it.

11. We can put that bizantine discussion to rest: Basically DC took the dare of doing COIE in times of the internet and we have seen in real time what happened. And what is mroe ironic, Barry 'I should be dead' Allen is again at the center of the stage. Coincidence or cunning planning? The world may never know.

In conclusion, I wish DC the best of the luck on this because is a huge gamble. I just wish they were fmore forthcoming and open with what is going to happen in September in universe to stop this annoying rumor mongering. For me, I will remain loyal to GA, chage a few batbooks for others and erither tradewait or move to Indy comics now. Afterall there will be a new TMNT comic in a few months.

P.S: I love Dan Jurgens work, one of my favorites but can someone, plreas pretty please give him a book about archery? The suit looks cool but that is a sorely mistake depiction of an archer. the arrow is all wrong. And Ollie hates compounds... unless is SV Ollie.

Monday, 6 June 2011

A late, late commentary on the Smallville finale.

Finally I managed to watch the finale (work, schedule issues, etc. made it difficult) of Smallville and here are my impression.

I think it was good send off for a show that according to many, was way past its sell by date. The fact that with so many handicaps this show lastes this long shows something special, something unique to any narrative involving Superman: the capacity to believe the extraordinary. In a time and age of expensive FX and bottomlines, SV managed to do de best wit its lot and evolve from a romantic teenage crap show into one that put the DCU and comics into the mind of people that have never read a single comicbook. It helped to make characters barely know outside the usual media, such as GA. Granted the show wans't perfect, it lacked a lto of things and it was most obvious in the final fighte between GA and the New Gods and Clark vs Darkseid. However it did make a point that in relfection makes this episode not only a finale, but a summary of the show. We watched Sv with the hope of watching Clark become Superman and as such was weird to see him fighting his biggest enemies before donning the suit. But as Jor-El showed, Superman has been always there since episode one. Clark has been always Superman, it was juts matter of making that side of him reach the surface and be polished. Superman is more than a suit, is the person behind the S. And a such Smallville is a great success. We managed to get closure in every plot, a luxury not many shows can afford in these trying times for geeky tv. Smallville is a show to keep.

And it was a good finale because in the end this show was never meant for comic fans, but for people trying to get into comics in an accesible way. For that, thank you to all the involved in these great 10 years of stories.

Farewell Smallville, you were a staple in my life and you will be missed. Now gove me a Green Arrow spinoff.

Saturday, 14 May 2011


I have to celebrate, 19th titles, top of the perch and Chicharito as first teamer with his first (of many I hope) titles in the Premier League. Congratulations to Manchester United!!! Glory Glory to United!!

Now let's beat Barca and its team of divers.

Monday, 9 May 2011

Odinson is happy with moving pictures (Thor movie short review)

After many travails I managed to watch Thor yesterday and I was pleasently surprised. It is not news that the big hit will be Captain America, but this Thor film doesn't ask for much. Here is my brief review.

As with most of the recent Marvel Studios movies this one is pretty faithful to the comic. it is commendable that it captured with ease most of the mood of the Kirby and Simonson comics of the characters (it just lacked more Kirby dots). Every character is perfectly captured in personality ('cept for Odin, who is nicer here, but works better). Thor is arrogant but well intended, a child becoming a man. Odin is majestic. Loki is this tormented villian that even in the end makes you feel bad for him. The Warriors Three and Sif are the perfect nakama (just need more screen time). Heimdall is superb (kudos to Idris Elba is the perfect fit for the characer). Jane is more that romantic interest, she actually helps Thor to mature and loved the change from nurse to astrophysicist, which allows the story to set up the sequel nicely. Asgard... well the whole movie universe is beyond expectation and even Coulson and Hawkeye in their cameos make a decent contribution. Probably the best parts are the action of Thor ( Chris Hemsworth), Loki (Tom Hiddleston) and the music. Patrick Doyle sent it outside the park in this one. Kudos as well to Brannagh from doing a movie well outside his comfort zone and yet deliver the goods with grace.

If I had to define it sucintely, Iron Man is ingenious, Cap. America will be inspiring and Thor is just epic. Perfect for the Marvel trinity. Now, I wouldn't say that Thor is better than the first Iron Man. I would says that both are equally good but for different reasons. Iron Man is the story of a jerk discovering what it means being a hero (Tony is still a jerk, but a loveable one). Thor is a story of a hero learning to be human.

The only downfall of the movie is that if feels a bit... empty in some parts, especially the Jane-Thor relationship of which we only catch glimpses. This is maybe because they are using the Iron Man formula to create this films, making Tony's first foray the prototype of what to expect in a Marvel film. Thor kinda feels a bit formulaic in parts, but it doesn't detract massively from the end product.

I think at the end, the best compliment to a movie (specially one where everything is set up for sequels/crossovers) is that leaves you wishing to see more. And this one makes me wish that the Avengers movie were released as soon as possible or a sequel were in the works. This Thor would make Odinson delighted of how his feats of honor and bravery have been portrayed. Coming for a DC fan I guess that is quite a compliment.

Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Green Arrow#11: Where Ollie steals the magic bow from the Archer of the D&D cartoon

As I'm feeling a bit underweather (and the amounts of workload has stopped me from doing my monthly reviews) I will write a quick one of the recent issue of GA. Sadly since issue 7 the story hit a low and became sluggish due the froce crossover with BD. I'm so eager for it to finish it and see what Krul can do without his hand being force by Johns or DiDio.

The Good: The endless moping and crossover with BD seems to be at hand. Ollie finally discovers that he is indeed a hero (dunno why it took him 11 issues...) and is revealed that he now can use a nifty magic bow made of White energy, very similar to the bow appearing the old D&D cartoon.

The Bad: Lousy cameos from the Arrow family and poor depiction of the battles made the art fall flat, probably the lowest point in the new run.

The Ugly: Nothing new sadly. The book needs to get out of crossovers soon so it can be its own err... book again. Ollie works better when he is left alone. Also needs mroe Mia.

The veredict: Average at best. Can improve much more. It woudl be interesting to see if Ollie keeps the magic bow or is just a one time gimmick.

Friday, 22 April 2011

Little Thor

I wouldn't know if being angry at my kid or proud that he had superpowers.

Sunday, 3 April 2011

I eat my words: Thundercats' new trailer

There are times, however how scarce are, that I'm wrong and I recognize that I was mistaken for doubting on the new TC cartoon. This looks awesome (Jaga as a wizard!!!) and the plot seems to make sense. Still is a shame that the toys don't look yet so good as the series (and still not warmed about the Twin Kats look).

Saturday, 2 April 2011

This looks way better: Green Lantern trailer 2

Seems that the producers have been working in improving the CGI, which looks less clunky and low budget. I'm still not very convinced about the aliens but I see the point that the director is making. Also Geoffrey Rush as Tomar Re is going well above my initial reservations.

There might be hope for this movie yet. And with hope there is always a brightest day.

Wednesday, 30 March 2011

News from the Kingdom of Thundera

Our corresponsal at Thundera has declared the following:

'Recent tensions in our borders have come as a result of the increased activity from evil mummy-wizard.despot Mum-Ra and his armies of mutants. While our king has delined any suggestion of retribution, rumor has it that prince heir and famous hothead royal Lion-O is planning a quest to end with this cold war once and for all. Apparently he will be joined by his teammates from his Special Force service known as the Thundercats. More information to follow.

This news have come from this report from the producers of the new TC cartoon:

ThunderCats: The re-imagined animated series based on the beloved 80s classic tells the tale of a hero’s epic journey to fulfill his ultimate destiny. On Third Earth, the kingdom of Thundera is being threatened by the evil sorcerer Mumm-Ra and young heir to the throne Lion-O embarks on a great quest to take his rightful place as king. The unlikely champion, joined by his faithful comrades Tygra, Cheetara, Panthro, WilyKit, WilyKat and his loyal pet Snarf, must work together to save their world from darkness.

Now this is an interesting twist to streamlien the mythos, though sounds a bit like Eternia and seriously reminded me of Shadow Skill.